Bold and budget-savvy home hacks

Browsing through the February issue of Red magazine one lazy Sunday we came across Kate Watson-Smyth’s Ask Mad About The House feature. What a short but inspiring piece! So inspiring, in fact, we wanted to share it with you! It said…Q: When budgets are tight, what are the tricks you can use to make your home look luxe without spending a fortune? A: …There are clever things you can do to make your décor look as if it cost far more than it actually did. The first thing to note is that bigger really is better. But I’m not talking about sofas and tables, I’m talking about the accessories. A large plant will look more luxurious than a tray of tiny succulents….Don’t forget to add a big, bold table lamp. Those tall thin shades from the ‘70s are back in vogue and they don’t take up too much space.

Big owns the room and commands attention. Small can look apologetic and like you ran out of money or weren’t sure what to do with the space. So, the first rule of thumb is make it big. More is also more. Cushions can be very inexpensive, so layer them up. They provide a splash of colour and personality and will make even the saggiest of sofas look plump and comfortable.

You should always buy the biggest rug you can afford and if you can’t find one to fill the room, then either layer several smaller ones or buy a piece of patterned carpet and have the edges bound.

One large painting will always look more costly than a gallery of small posters. If you can’t afford a single picture big enough to hold the wall, put it in a stunning frame and hang it low and off-centre. This will make it look special and therefore valuable.

Finally, play with any empty space. A spare corner, with perhaps a pendant light hanging down, tells the mind that you have so much room you can afford to leave some empty. Even putting an armchair across a corner or pulling a sofa forward a few centimetres creates negative space and allow the room to breathe.

These tips and tricks may not cost much but they will add the impression of expensive luxe to your home. And that, as the saying goes, is priceless.

Futon Company says: As experts in small space living we are always keen to hear what the experts recommend. While many of us live in snug homes, it’s not always obvious how to furnish, dress or decorate these compact spaces. And for those of us in rentals who regularly move around, it can be challenging to carve out cosiness when we’re constantly on the move – so Kate’s top tips and handy hacks really resonate with us. They are simple and easy to action, even if you’re on the go very regularly! What’s more, they are cost effective, which is always really important at times like this when there’s a lot of uncertainty around.

Large Hapur Cotton Ribbed Rug

Green Faux Grass (50cm tall)

Cheetah and the Parrot Cushion

Mushrooms Cushion

Bloom Vase