Berry good tips for selecting a sofa


Bored one cold Saturday afternoon we were dusting down our bookshelf and came across a house-focused classic, Mary’s Household Tips & Tricks by Mary Berry. Brimming with tried and trusted advice from the nation’s favourite home guru, we took the opportunity to flick through what is essentially a ‘one stop shop’ for her collection of helpful hints and tips for the home, acquired over a lifetime. Focusing on everything from kitchen storage to hosting, laundry know-how to the bathroom, this helpful compendium offers quick and clever ideas, whether you’ve just started living alone or are an accomplished renter or home owner.

Our favourite chapter looks at the living room. Here’s what Mary says:

“The living room needs to be used for more than one purpose. One person should be able to read while another watches a film. Take this into consideration when it comes to room layout.”

Choosing a sofa:

“Generally, sofas stuffed with feathers are softer and have a more informal look. A fibre or foam-filled sofa will have a firmer feel and is good for those with allergies. Whatever material you choose, durability is important:
* Cotton and cotton-blends are versatile and hard wearing. Covers can usually be removed and dry-cleaned (follow the instructions on the label).
* Linen and linen blends can have a textured look. Covers may usually be removed and dry cleaned (follow the instructions on the label).
* Velvet will develop a crushed velvet appearance over time. Avoid getting it wet.
* Leather can be sealed or unfinished. Easy to keep clean by wiping with a slightly damp cloth, it will crease and age with time, but this is part of its charm.

If you have pets and they are allowed on the furniture, placing a blanket on their favourite spot is a good way to protect the surface from grubby paws and fur.”

Futon Company says: Wise words from Mary Berry; especially poignant if you live in a small space or even a studio flat! In this instance, clever space planning become even more important than ever – and don’t forget that there are all types of space saving options for creating the optimal sleep space, for example, futons and sofa beds, and roll up mattresses.


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