coke…asks How many cushions do you have on your bed? Too few and you may think your bed doesn’t look ‘styled’, though in some homes this simple approach works beautifully! Too many cushions on the other hand and you spend half the night taking cushions off the bed each night – remember the scene with Ben Stiller and Jennifer Anniston ‘liberating’ themselves from the daily cushion routine, in Along Came Polly? I found the clip on YouTube, I had to watch it again for a little laugh – it’s so silly, yet so true!

So do you think you have found the perfect balance? I don’t think there is any right or wrong answer to this question, it all comes down to personal taste and the ‘look’ you are wanting to achieve in your bedroom. I have to say, I am closer to the too many cushions than the bare minimum. It was something I was taught when working as a merchandiser, the store I was in had strict guidelines on how to display cushions on beds and on lounges – the number, the placement, the balance… Now it seems our bedroom is following those same strict guidelines, something I think I might rebel against soon, though it is a difficult habit to break! and what are the alternatives?

Futon Company says: Bed cushions are all down to personal preference but a carefully selected cushion can make all the difference between creating a relaxing haven and a functional sleeping space in your bedroom.

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