Here at Futon Company design is our passion and we love speaking to designers from all across the spectrum.

Today we talk to new Design Masters Baines&Fricker.

Baines & Fricker photo for Design Masters, Futon Company

About Baines&Fricker

Baines&Fricker are a husband and wife team who launched their design company at 100% Design in 2011. Their Harris Tweed rocker was a Blueprint finalist for Best New Product. Steve Baines has been a furniture maker for a number of years and Eliza Fricker has worked as an illustrator and screenprinter. Their collaborating has come from a passion for long-lasting design, having gradually – over the years – made and acquired pieces for their own home.

Baines & Frikker Rocker chair Futon Company

What’s special?

They believe that things for the home should be worth keeping and use this ethos to create their pieces. They design and make their products from their workshop in Brighton and use British materials wherever possible. They always try to use English woods and are inspired by combining different materials. Influences range from Utility furniture to craft, industrial architecture to street signs. They think that the mundane and everyday are worth looking at and have used these to influence their designs such as the Fruit Crate and Cement Works wallpaper.Baines&Frikker Fruit Crates

Baines&Fricker Design Masters…they say…

“Our Fruit Crates, now on sale as part of Futon Company’s Design Masters range, offer a simple storage solution. Over the years we’ve seen lots of faux-old crates that are actually imported from China. We decided to make our own version and each crate is hand screen printed and individually numbered for authenticity. Our Fruit Crates can be stacked or used as a stand alone piece and they are perfect for storing anything from clothes and vinyl to toys.”

Designing for small spaces…they say…

“Small space design comes very easily to us – we just look at where we live! We live in a small flat in central Brighton and most of our prototypes are in our home. Much of our work focuses on how people really live and so we create multifunctional pieces which are portable and can be easily moved around the home and adapted for different uses. Our Pew bench, for example, is a seat but also works in hallways where space is often a premium.”

Baines & Frikker tables Futon Company

Space saving tip…they say…

“Consider different furniture for different uses. We have old science cupboards that we use to store our jumpers in, and a sideboard for our daughter’s toys instead of using ‘kids’ furniture. And lots of bookshelves everywhere is a necessity in our home!”

Baines&Fricker on sofabeds…they say…

“We’re always surprised at how far sofa beds have moved on. Eliza remembers her years spent on her Grandmother’s camp bed – a mad contraption you didn’t dare to move in! We don’t have a sofa bed but lots of our friends do and it is so simple to just pull it out and turn it into a comfortable bed, and so much nicer than an airbed or camp bed!”

Come and say hello

Baines&Fricker will be showcasing their new designs at Clerkenwell Design Week 19th-21st May 2015. For details go to bains& and
About Design Masters

Design Masters is the Futon Company’s small-space, limited edition design range which offers designers a platform from which to sell products, delivering them directly from the designer’s workshop to the client’s home or office.