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Baby love: 5 space-saving tips for a small and stylish nursery

With September being one of the to give birth, now is the time to start prepping for your little one’s nursery. If you’re yet to make the leap into a big family home, the good news is that small babies don’t need a huge amount of space.

Today, parents-to-be are becoming increasingly inventive with the room they have available and creating a nursery in places such as a walk-in wardrobe, shared home office or even a corner of the living room. Online home site, Apartment Therapy has some of “ingenious ways real-life small space dwellers squeezed a nursery into hardly any space at all”.

With the right pieces and clever design, it has never been easier to create a special, dedicated space your tiny bundle deserves. Here are our top tips:

  1. Smart storage is key
    A little person may be small, but they do come with a lot of things! Tiny vests, baby grows, nappies, wipes, small toys, books… the list goes on. Finding somewhere to house all these items without making your room feel cluttered, is key. Incorporate storage such as stackable cubes, floating shelves, under cot storage, overdoor hanging ladder and wall hooks, to use all the space you have available – from top to bottom.
  1. Movable stations
    Having various changing stations around the home makes it easier when moving from room to room. Save on space and clutter, by using portable stations like a slim trolley with wheels, a bath caddy or baskets that can instantly be moved from bedside to sofa using just one hand, while you carry baby with the other.
  1. Keep things light and airy
    Design a calm and peaceful space for you and baby by keeping the décor light and airy. Neutral tones, minimal clutter and coordinating furniture with the colour of your room help create a restful ambience, making your nursery feel fresh and spacious. Soft textiles and tactile rugs also provide added comfort and a cosy area for baby to have play and tummy time before bed.
  1. Multipurpose furniture
    Avoid filling your baby’s nursery with excess furniture by using multipurpose pieces. A chest of drawers can double up as a changing table, a sofa bed or fold-out chair can become a reading nook as well as a spare bed, and an upholstered chair can be used for feeding in the night and an office chair during the day.

If space allows, the uber cute and compact Brumas chair is our number one coveted nursery piece! Upholstered in a soft bouclé fabric, Brumas has a wonderfully cocooning aesthetic; plus, it has a matching footstool to complete the look – allowing you to put your feet up for a well-earned rest. Alternatively, try the Ebb rocking chair, or our brand-new Folio lounge chair – designed specifically for small spaces.

  1. Screen to zone
    If you’re looking to create a nursery in your home office or lounge, you may want to invest in a small space saviour such as a screen to help zone the room.

Made from three pared-back lacquered pine panels, the Louvre screen comes complete with double-jointed hinges that fold in any direction – so once you’ve finished work for the day, you can put the screen away and get on with bedtime. Also, two screens can easily be put together to completely divide up an area.

Above all, make the space as comfy and relaxing as possible for baby AND you, as you’ll be spending a lot of time there together. A small tray for your phone, water and creams is useful on your bedside table, while a little reading lamp is handy for feeds and nappy changes in the night. For more nursery interior inspiration, check out our website which includes some lovely new arrivals.