Attention All Dolphins, Lions, Bears and Wolves…

With the clocks having turned back last weekend, and with shorter days and longer nights, it’s only natural that our minds are on one thing – bed (or sleep, to be more specific)!  But what if you’re one of the estimated 50% of people who struggle to sleep?  Could a Sleep Specialist hold the key to the perfect bedtime routine?

Dr Michael Breus, author of The Power Of When:  The Best Time To Do Everything might just hold the key.  The esteemed clinical psychologist has come up with new, improved methods, tried and tested over 16 years of helping the sleepless and overtired, and based on the body clock.  Working on the premise that there are larks and night owls who function better at different times of the day, Breus’s aim was to work out why certain sleep treatments only work for some people.  His research found that there are actually four chronotypes, which he dubbed Dolphins (light sleepers and insomniacs), Lions (early risers), Wolves (late risers) and Bears (somewhere in between).

By understanding your chronotype through taking a detailed quiz, Breus says you can work with, rather than against, your natural body clock, “taking advantage of your best performance times and your optimum sleep times.”  Here’s a snapshot…

Dolphins:  often wake feeling unrefreshed and are most alert late at night.  Most productive in spurts throughout the day

Lions:  wake up bright eyed at dawn and fall asleep most easily in the evening.  Most alert at noon and most productive in the morning

Bears:  Wake up in a daze after hitting the snooze button once or twice.  Most alert mid morning to early afternoon and most productive late morning

Wolves: Have difficulty waking up before 9am, are groggy until midday and don’t feel tired until midnight.  Most productive late morning and late evening

To take the quiz go to

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