Are you at ‘Stuffocation’ point?


Now that we are well and truly immersed in the deep mid-winter, we’re spending more time than ever indoors. And for those of us living in compact spaces, the combination of spending too much time in a cramped, over-filled space combined with a lack of fresh air and exercise might be taking its toll.

If you’re starting to get cabin fever and are feeling overwhelmed by the lack of space and excess of ‘stuff’ you might be heading for a clutter crisis! Author and trend forecaster James Wallman calls it ‘stuffocation’. In his book ‘Stuffocation: Living More With Less‘ he says: “Do you wish that a clutter fairy would show up and organise everything for you, figuring out what you really need and getting rid of the rest? Do clothes pop out of drawers when you open them as though they’re trying to get some air?…If so, you are suffering from stuffocation – too much stuff.”

If you’re at stuffocation point what’s to be done? James Wallman offers some handy hints including: “Know your stuff – ask yourself how often do I use my possessions, how much stuff do I really need, do my things give me experiences and make me happy or are they bringing hassle, debt, stress and depression?” To learn more about Stuffocation go to

Futon Company says: We love the word ‘stuffocation’. It sums up exactly how we feel when we don’t organise our space properly. But just because you live in a small space or opt for space saving living doesn’t mean you have to banish all your wordly goods. It’s all about organising your space in the right way and choosing practical yet stylish space saving products which have multiple uses and are easily portable. We select some space saving furniture to get you started…

Oak Ladder Drawers

oak ladder drawers








Oak Storage Mirror

oak storage mirror








Apex Shelving Unit

apex shelving unit








Leaning Bathroom Shelf

bathroom leaning shelf










Bamboo Folding Wardrobe

bamboo folding wardrobe