Advocating Clutter-Free Living

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At Futon Company, we’re champions of small space living and spend our days seeking out space saving furniture, ideas and handy hints.

Trawling the internet recently we came across’s Clean Living Blog, Carmella’s 7-step plan to clutter free living by Margo Guralnick. In the blog she focuses mainly on interior designer Carmella Rayone McCafferty, whose blog Assortment chronicles life for her family of five in their 665 square foot cabin in Wyoming. McCafferty champions the philosophy of living smaller in order to live larger.

Here’s the topline of her tips for small space living:

• Envision your essentials by packing for a two week trip in a camper… figure out what’s important to you… select… items being mindful of a lack of space. What really matters to you will start to become clear
• Go room by room and weed out the essentials… think quality over quantity
• Create a place for everything and make it easy to reach… create order via storage
• Create a designated (and orderly) dumping ground… it helps enormously to have a place to exile the overflow… think shelf, tallboy, outside shed, etc.
• Always, always clean up before moving on to your next activity… and because there’s an easy-to-reach place for everything there’s no excuse for that not to happen
• Whenever new goods come in, give some old goods the boot
• Live by the William Morris edict: Have nothing in your home that you don’t know to be useful or believe to be beautiful

Futon Company says: As small space specialists we’re huge advocates of clutter-free living and are big fans of McCafferty’s easy to achieve guidelines. To our mind, as well as streamlining your belongings, it’s important to have dual function furniture which has at least two or perhaps multiple uses, which is portable and easy to move around – we think this is the key to clutter free living.

Low Wardrobe Bed









Oak Hallway Shoe Mirror

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Under Sofa Bed Drawer

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Canvas Storage
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