…says Looking for an instant, inexpensive and interesting way to transform your living or family room? Bring on the pillows! Throw cushions or pillows can change the look of your room. They liven up any space and add depth and dimension – not to mention they feel great! When you’re decorating with cushions, especially for the cooler months, think soft and cosy. With that as your mantra, there are a few important factors to consider when you’re shopping.

Colour – There are many ways to use cushions to enhance a room’s colour scheme. One approach is to use cushions in a solid colour. Try picking up on a complementary colour in the sofa, curtains or rug. For a soft look, use tones in similar colours to unify the room. Another suggestion is go for a punch of bright, contrasting colour. If your living room is neutral, spice it up with bright cushions. You’ll be surprised how you can transform a beige sofa with violet or orange pillows. Hint: Add other accessories in the same vivid hues – art, candles, a rug, etc.

Pattern – Pattern incorporates colour in a more intricate way. There’s a myriad of patterns to choose from: stripes, florals, abstracts, polka dots…the list goes on and on. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns – the trick is to stay in the same colour palette so that the effect isn’t overwhelming and to know when to say “enough”. Work within 2 or 3 colours to play it safe, making your choices from your sofa and the other fabrics in the room. It’s often a nice idea to include pillows with the same fabric as your curtains, for example, but don’t rely on this exclusively or you will have a predictable “matchy-matchy” look. Mix it up! Hint: A throw on the corner of a sofa is a beautiful way to tie all your colours together.

Texture – A variety of textures is good, but best to stay in the same “family” of fabrics. If, for example, you have delicate silk pillows, a shaggy fur cushion may be overkill. But that same fur pillow will look great among heavier, more substantial fabrics like tweeds. You want to look for the same aesthetic in texture while still adding fun and dimension to the room.

Shape – Most pillows are squares and rectangles – which work well. But this is an ideal opportunity to think outside the “box”. Really oblong pillows can look great across the back of a sofa. Circles can be interesting too, especially if you have other circles in the room. A heart shaped pillow can be lovely – especially on a bed. Again, think balance and moderation!

Quantity – Some say, just like shoes, you can never have too many cushions! I’m not sure I agree, but certainly, don’t skimp on the number of pillows you add. Think generous, abundant, luxurious. Here’s a tip for choosing the right number of solid coloured versus patterned pillows. For solid pillows, go with an even number – 2 or 4 for example. For patterned pillows, choose an odd number – 1 or 3. Nobody knows why this works, but it does.

Futon Company Says: Introducing one or a selection of scatter cushions to your home can be a relatively cost effective and inventive way to introduce style, colour and texture into your space. There really are no rules when it comes to styling. Simply let your imagination run wild!