A Spring Whiteout For The Home

An all-white home, according to interiors writer Rachel Loos for Grazia, needn’t feel cold and sterile. In fact, with a careful balance of texture and materials, a white interior can feel warm, snug and super-comfy. Not convinced? Check out her simple steps for achieving a spring whiteout for the home…

• Go white and bright: by painting an open-plan living space all white, the seamless transition from floor to ceiling gives the space a calm and relaxed feel
• Add cosy touches: a pure white carcass can feel cold so the next step is to introduce soft, tactile textures including wood, wool, shell and linen. Think a throw for the sofa, a rug for the floor and plush cushions for the sofa. Bamboo is another material that brings instant warmth to an all-white room
• Shelve it: Loos advises that floating white shelves are a simple way to give a corner wall a shot of style – as well as providing a sanctuary for your goodies and knick knacks
• Create a focal point: Loos suggests making the most of an empty, dull corner by cleverly pulling together a collection of objects. Think books, plants, sculptures…whatever floats your boat
• Play with textures: Combine wood with feathers, leather with wood, and introduce living plants. A cacti, for example, can add a splash of vibrant green
• Think plain and simple: For ultimate tranquillity it’s hard to beat an all-white bedroom, says Loos. Drape a bed in white linen and frame the white windows with a simple table light

Futon Company says: An all-white canvas works well in any space but is particularly suited to small space living. So whether you live in a two bedroom apartment or a small studio, a splash of white paint can really help to make the most of space saving living. Futon Company sells a wide range of white goodies to get you started…


White Stacking Cubes









Shells Cushion










Narrow Ladder Shelf White








White Bamboo Trolley