A Home from Home Office

Demand for flexible working among UK employees is on the increase. That’s according to Powownow, who reported in earlier this year that almost one third of employees would prefer flexible working to a pay rise.
The term flexible working covers a range of benefits, including working flexi time, working less hours, working from home and taking a sabbatical.

Working from home is one aspect of flexible working that regularly attracts the headlines. According to, this home trend is growing, with home-working up by a fifth over the last decade according to figures from 2016.
It’s also the focus of a feature called home offices that work by Elle Decoration’s Amy Bradford in the April issue (
Says Bradford: “Is ending the daily commute the secret to domestic bliss? It can be, but you have to get your space in shape first.”

She expands: “Working from home: it’s the dream everyone’s chasing, right? No slow, repetitive and expensive commute. No 6am wake-up calls. Lots of quality time with family/ cat/ dog. Sounds like fun? Well, yes…and no.
Bradford’s top tips for working from home:
* never ‘go to work’ in your dressing gown
* make sure you have a defined ‘office space’ rather than sitting on your sofa
* maintain a sense of structure by creating a dedicated workspace where you are happy to spend time. If possible this should not be your bedroom (maintain the distinction between work and rest)
* a desk is ideal, especially one that you can fold away or disguise at night
* when your home is your office, new strategies for switching off become essential
* good light levels are key (daylight as well as task lighting)
* people to talk to (whether it’s popping out for a coffee or looking at people out of a window)

Futon Company says: Working from home when you live in a small space can create its own set of challenges. However, there are plenty of ways to maintain the important boundary between work and play. Think foldaway and space saving furniture, comfy cushions for your coffee break and a cosy blanket to keep you warm in winter and bring you comfort when the going gets tough!

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