32 Minutes

It used to be said that cleanliness is next to godliness, but in an age where technology is king and working hours are on the increase it seems that people have got more important things on their minds.

According to retail analyst Mintel, the average time spent cleaning has fallen by 28 hours a year, or 32 minutes a week compared with statistics from 2014. Says Mintel’s Richard Hopping: “The busy lives of today’s consumers often get in the way of cleaning routines, which means that the majority clean when they have time rather than pre-planning in advance.”

The report found that the most hated household job is cleaning the oven.

Futon Company says: We can’t pretend that cleaning is top of our list of fun things to do, but we are big advocates of decluttering and keeping a ship-shape space, especially when our home is a small space. What’s more, when it comes to making the most of our spare time, we’re big advocates of relaxing in style. And with an extra 32 minutes a week to spend relaxing (rather than cleaning) there’s plenty to smile about…

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