2019’s answer to Marie Condo

Move over Marie Kondo, there’s a new tidying expert on the block! At least that’s according to Red Magazine ( In the March 2019 issue, in an article called Cupboard Love, the magazine introduces Corrie Jackson of decluttering duo Maison Heaven.

According to Coco Chanel, says the feature, an interior is a natural projection of the soul….There’s organising (shuffling piles from one room to another), and there’s ‘organising’, and that’s what Maison Heaven offer. Their focus is on the home’s lining – its cupboards and closets, its shelving and storage.
They offer a range of tutorials at but to give you a flavour we’re focusing on their Closet approach, as detailed in Red. They say:
“Did you know the average person wears 20% of their clothes 80% of the time? So, chances are, you have too many clothes. Start with a clean slate and pull everything out of your wardrobe. As you sift through, follow the three-F rule: does each item fit, flatter and function (can you create at least three outfits with it?) Our hack? Turn all of your hangers to face the same direction. Each time you wear an item turn it around the other way. At the end of the month, see how many clothes are facing the original way. That’s the pool of clothes you should edit. And visibility is the key to a hardworking closet. By making a feature of shoes and clothes you get a daily reminder of what you own. FYI shelf dividers keep clutch bags neatly lined up. Small closet? Use huggable hangers (extra slim and strong) to maximise space. Also, boot stackers (which allow you to store shoes on top of each other) halve the space you need for each pair, and prevent boots from toppling over. Finally, dedicate some drawer or cupboard space to a closet kit: a portable steamer, fabric defuzzer and shoe shine. It makes touch ups easier and keeps your clothes wearable.”

Futon Company says: These handy hacks offer some tidy ideas for decluttering our wardrobes. We like Corrie’s concept that an interior projects your soul, and just because your space is small doesn’t mean it can’t be calm, collected and ordered. Her concept of sorting the ‘lining’ of your home is intriguing. It’s true that getting the basics right and creating a sense of ordered calm in the hard working (sometimes hidden) parts of your house set the foundations so you can focus your creative energies on the fun stuff like accessorizing and introducing creativity to your space. Check out some of our functional stapes – those home heroes that work tirelessly to bring order to your space…

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