In 1980 Futon Company first introduced the futon to Europe, and it was an amazing runaway success. By 1995 we’d become the world’s largest producer of futons and now we have 21 stores throughout the UK.

But, as we’re sure you’ve noticed, nowadays Futon Company is so much more than futons.

These days we sell a wide range of beds, sofabeds, bedding, storage, curtains, and many other items designed for a comfortable, space saving, modern lifestyle.

Almost all of which incidentally, are exclusive to us.

If you are new to Futon Company we are sure there is something here to interest you, and if you shopped with us before, welcome back and thank you for choosing us again.

We’re currently looking for intelligent and highly motivated individuals to come and join our success.

Our customers want to deal with people who are efficient, well informed and quick thinking. If you think you fit the bill, we’d like you to consider making us part of your future.

We run regular competitions and incentive schemes to ensure that your progress in Futon Company will never be slow.
Or Dull.

(Recently we took our top Store Managers for a weekend walking up mountains in Switzerland!)

And we’re growing all the time.

With your help, who knows where we could be in another six years?

For any press enquiries please email may.drury@futoncompany.co.uk